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Francesca Sammarruca, Ph.D.

Phone: 111-111-6738

Email: [email protected]

Faculty Senate

The senate is empowered to act for the university faculty in all matters pertaining to the immediate government of the university. The senate is responsible to and reports to the university faculty and, through the president, to the regents.

The chair presides at senate meetings; appoints special or ad hoc committees (in consultation with the senate); maintains lines of communication between the senate and the president, university faculty and Staff Council; serves as a member ex officio without vote on all committees and similar bodies; and performs all other duties pertaining to the office of chair.

Vice Chair
The vice chair assumes the duties and responsibilities of the chair in the temporary absence or disability of the chair, serves as the chair of the Committee on Committees and performs such other duties as assigned by the chair or by the senate.

The secretary supports the Faculty Senate, Faculty Senate standing committees and Committee on Committees. The position also ensures faculty participate in the development of university policies and procedures. for more information on the role of the Secretary of the University Faculty. Meeting records for Faculty Senate, General Faculty Meetings and Faculty Senate standing committees are kept in the secretary's archives and are accessible upon request.

In July 2019 the Faculty Secretary's position, which also had the title of Policy Coordinator, evolved into a quarter-time appointment. This change allowed for the creation of a half-time policy coordinator and a half-time compliance coordinator. Thus, responsibility for overseeing and maintaining university policies now resides with the policy coordinator.

Francesca Sammarruca, Ph.D.

Phone: 111-111-6738

Email: [email protected]